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SINCE 1906


La Parisienne


The adventure of Donna Mariuccia was born in that year, who opens a small tailoring boutique in the Piazzetta and calls it "a La Parisienne" fascinated by the Parisian fashion that was very popular in those years. Donna Mariuccia begins to create clothes for the Russian nobility who moved to Capri on the run from the revolution.



With the arrival of the Americans Capri becomes Rest Camp. Creativity and imagination make up for the lack of raw material and Donna Mariuccia manages to create scarves for the pilots and even wedding dresses with parachutes.

Thus began the years of the economic boom.




The legendary Capri pants are born from the "Masaniello" ones  worn by fishermen and the shirt knotted under the chest, called "alla moschettiera" which La Parisienne makes in all colors of light cotton under the suggestion of Francesca De Blanche,  wife of Dado Ruspoli, in honeymoon in Capri. A crowd of elegant women attends the boutique: Dawn Addams, Merle Oberon, Yvonne de Carlo,  Ingrid Begman, Lana Turner, become friends as well as customers.





Capri lives a moment of pure Glamor!
The film "The Bay of Naples" with Clark Gable and Sofia Lauren, attracts Hollywood actors and characters from the international Jet Set to the island who contribute to the explosion of the myth of Capri in the world.

At La Parisienne, Gable gets a tailor made sahariana jacket and black cotton shorts, while the beautiful Consuelo Crespi, wife of Rudy, waits to try a dress ordered for one of the many eccentric and evenings so vogue in that time.

Rita Hayworth, just married to Prince Ali Khan, goes to the boutique to order a polka dot dress, while Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy withdraws a Pajama Palazzo.
La Parisienne is the destination and theater of this ferment, but among many Jackie Onassis is the testimonial of her beloved Capri Pants, ordered in dozens at La Parisienne, all rigorously white and later renamed Jackie O 'Pants for her.



The 70s are the theater in the Certosa di San Giacomo of the most awaited event of the year, the famous Maremoda Capri, a gala evening where at the end of a suggestive fashion show, stylists such as Cardin, Rabanne, Gucci, Valentino, Ferrè, Givenchy, Sarli, De Simone, Missoni, Krizia were presenting their creations and awarded together with characters of the world of entertainment.
La Parisienne, together with a small group of boutiques of the island, is part of the "Capri Line" which, inserted in the fashion show, welcomes the guests.




The 80s for Parisienne are the explosion of pure creativity: skirts, jackets, dresses made with coated fabrics for the disco, which parade in Torre Materita, home of Giuseppe della Schiava, on the occasion of the Settembrate Anacapresi.

These are years of great creative fervor, Adriana organizes two workshops on the island and with her Adrian's Capri label supported by her first-born Francesca, she begins to export her creations to the world. La Parisienne participated from 1976 to 1985 at Pitti Donna in Florence and spreaded its collections strictly made in Capri around the world.




Year Anniversary

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